Training & Game Day Requirements

Training - Players

Players be advised

  • You should look to be at the training venue 15 minutes before training is due to start.  If you are going to be late, you must provide sufficient notice.  Advising you're going to be late 10 minutes before training is not good enough. 
  • You MUST NOT turn up OR LEAVE in Football Boots
  • You MUST wear the training kit provided to you at all training sessions.  
  • You are responsible for your kit - not mummy or daddy!!
  • No Jewellery to be worn when training
  • You MUST shake hands with your coach and your team mates when you arrive
  • You must leave your bag and water bottle NEATLY at the side of the field you are training on.  When you arrive, you do NOT run back to Mum or Dad for anything.  You are responsible for bringing whatever you need.
  • If you have an inhaler / EpiPen, any medical requirements, you must inform your coach PRIOR to training commencing.    

Game Day - Players

Players be advised

  • You must arrive no later that 1 hr prior to the game start time.  Failure to do so renders planning for coaches difficult.  You will not be guaranteed any game time if you turn up late unless we are aware of what's going on or we have agreed prior.  Continual lateness may lead to a formal warning.   If for any reason you are running late on game day, you MUST notify the Football Operations Manager, Charles Abdilla on 0416 171 896 
  • Shake hands with all coaches and players as you arrive.
  • You MUST wear the dress code.  This is - Black Trousers, Black Shoes, MWFC Polo Shirt and if necessary, MWFC Jacket.  Failure to do so may result in a warning.  You are a semi-professional player representing Mounties Wanderers FC.  You must show professionalism at all times.  For SAP Players, your dress code is  MWFC Polo, tracksuit bottoms and black training shoes.  You MUST NOT turn up or leave in boots.  
  • For Youth Players - if you are booked or sent off on game day, you must report to the Youth Technical Director on your first training session back.  
  • All age groups must attend the first half of the next age group playing.  Hence U13's must stay until half-time of the U14's game, U14's must stay to half time of U15's game and so on.  
  • Respect all players and coaches of opposition team - and officials - no matter what the result, situation or concerns may be.  You must remain professional at all times.
  • After your game has completed, you can eat - but eat recovery food.  This does not include Chips, Sausage sandwiches and fizzy drinks.  


Parents must not

  • Discuss anything directly with coaches about training, game day or their child
  • Walk onto training fields
  • Attempt to gain the attention of your child when they are training
  • Shout on their child to 'come over' at any time
  • Approach their child during training sessions
  • Enter the changing rooms without express permission of the Technical Director or Football Operations Manager
  • Shout tactics from the stands / touchlines.  Coaches are qualified and are playing a specific style and way for a reason.  Whereas your support is invaluable, we ask you to let the coaches do their jobs.
  • Be abusive to any player, official or opponent - no matter what the situation may be