Code of conduct

Mounties Wanderers - Players Code of Conduct



1. Training Day & Game Day 

Players can arrive dressed & ready to train – but must NOT arrive or leave in boots

Shaking hands with all coaching staff, club officials and co-players is mandatory

When players arrive, they are immediately in ‘training mode’

No jewellery

Must be in game day dress – as defined by club and coach

No Chewing Gum

Must arrive no later than 15 mins before start of training and 1 hour before game time on game day

No back chatting

100% effort at all times


Mounties Wanderers - Coaches Code of Conduct


1. Training Day & Game Day

 Must be in training gear as supplied by club for training

Must be in game day dress – as defined by club and coach

 Must be tidy and professional

No Chewing Gum

Water must be available for players and coaches at all times.

Should be on time and punctual at all times – unless otherwise advised

Set Up for training should be done prior to official training start time

Player Attendance to be monitored and advised and provided to TD on a monthly basis

2.  Responsibility

Coaches must maintain records of progress. Strengths and weaknesses for each player must be kept up to date and be able to be reported to TD at regular meetings / intervals, and on evaluation reports.

This will help us relate information to players as and when necessary.

3.  Player Injury Record Forms

Injury form will be provided to coaches prior to season commencing. These forms should be completed for any injury requiring medical intervention.

4. FFA Code of Ethics

Coaches are to be mindful of & follow the FFA Coaches code of conduct. 

Parents Code of Conduct


Parents must not

  • Discuss anything directly with coaches about training, game day or their child
  • Walk onto training fields
  • Attempt to gain the attention of your child when they are training
  • Shout on their child to 'come over' at any time
  • Approach their child during training sessions
  • Enter the changing rooms without express permission of the Technical Director or Football Operations Manager
  • Shout tactics from the stands / touchlines.  Coaches are qualified and are playing a specific style and way for a reason.  Whereas your support is invaluable, we ask you to let the coaches do their jobs.
  • Be abusive to any player, official or opponent - no matter what the situation may be

FFA Code of Conduct


As defined by the national body.

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